On The Pegs May 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 5 - Page 27

On The Pegs Vol. 3 Issue 5 - May 2018 P 27 Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Billy Bolt, Red Bull Hare Scramble winner Alfredo Gómez, Colton Haaker, Enduro2 World Champion Josep Garcia and Nathan Wat- son. Even Taddy Blazusiak is coming out of retirement to race for the WESS crown. “When I first learned about the World Enduro Super Series, I knew I had to re- turn,” says Blazusiak. “This is the series I’ve been waiting for all of my career. “It’s the complete series, bringing together all elements of enduro. If you can win the WESS title then you truly are the ultimate enduro rider. “I’m excited for this and I’m putting 100 percent effort into it. I’m not coming back to make up the numbers – I want to win. This is the title I’ve always wanted.” WORLD ENDURO SUPER SERIES • May 1-13 - Extreme XL Lagares Portugal • May 31- June 3 - Red Bull Hare Scramble Austria • June 8-10 - Trefle Lozerien AMV France • July 24-28 - Red Bull Romaniacs Romania • TBC - Red Bull 111 Megawatt Poland • Oct 26-27 - Gotland Grand National Sweden • Nov 10 - Red Bull Knock Out The Netherlands