On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 98

fives right off the bat . And so , you know , in trials , it ' s a huge mental sport , so you just have to put your head down . I was able to find my groove after that and come away with a six and a five on my last two laps and somehow managed to scrape by with a second place . Overall , my riding didn ' t feel very good , but , you know , what can you do ? You look forward to tomorrow and it ' s a new day . Coming from Arizona , we have big dry , grippy rocks . I don ' t like to make too many excuses , but I mean , it is what it is . It just gives me more motivation to get better at this stuff . My focus for tomorrow will be on mindset . That ' s the big thing right now . If you can dial that in , then your riding will start to improve .”
“ The day started off actually really strong putting in really , really good rides right off the bat ,” said Blanc-Gonnet . “ That was a good confidence booster . Halfway through the first loop , I started making some silly mistakes and kind of fell off the pace a little bit . But luckily , I got another confidence booster on one of the pretty difficult sections . I was one of the only people to make it through , so that was like a feather in my cap . And then the next few loops , I knew that I had what it took to double down and continue with that momentum . I put in a charge and felt like I was making up ground and staying up in the podium position . On the easy stuff , I felt like I was