On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 94

In attendance visiting from Spain were Vertigo ’ s Jaime Busto ( with girlfriend Jone ), Yohito Takeda , minder Àlex Solà , and Export Manager Daniel Regas . As Busto and Takeda were in the States for the Vertigo Customer Appreciation Day held on the Thursday prior and only a single national , they elected to ride the Exhibition line . This helped to lessen some of the pressure and allow the US riders to really enjoy the experience of riding with world-class competitors and maybe pick up a tip or two .
Saturday ’ s competition immediately started off with a challenge . The opening log splatter required riders to drop into the creek and launch approximately four feet to crest a fallen tree . At first glance , the obstacle didn ’ t seem like it would have cost maximum points from four of the six Pro-class riders , at least not until the underlying rocks were taken into consideration . Upon closer inspection , California rocks kept very little traction when wet , something that riders would come to know all too well in the coming sections .
Smage was able to clean the section for all three loops , a feat only matched by Vertigo Spain ’ s Jaime Busto . Both Vertigo Spain ’ s Yohito Takeda and GasGas ’ s Josh Roper were able to clean the section once throughout the day . Riders were then JOSH given ROPER a reprieve , GASGAS in section 2