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What is an Enduro ?
To start off in the right gear , we ’ ll be talking about the current National Enduro format enduro ’ s , not time keepers . Though Papa Pierce and I have quite a few ICO Racing computers from back in our time keeping days , Time Keeping Enduros are long behind us . I ’ m ok with that .
Sprint Enduros are also all the rage , and for good reason . The advice I ’ m going to give you on an all day enduro can also work for Sprint Enduros though they are fundamentally different formats .
And for those of you who may have gotten here looking for Mountain Bike Enduro information , this will still be relevant . Just think of the machine and the way you carry stuff a bit differently .

What is an Enduro ?

An Enduro is an off-road endurance event . An event that can last all day , covers enough miles to make you want a beer afterward , and has the type of terrain you want to write home about . The events used to be 100 + miles and the machines were so pieced together at the time you were lucky to finish .
As we ’ ve moved throughout the past 40-50 years , land availability has dwindled , dirt bikes have gotten more reliable and riders attention spans have lessened . This brings us to the National Enduro format of today . Go as fast as humanly possible while in the test and then transfer to the next test section . In a Sprint Enduro , there are typically no transfer sections . In a National Enduro Format , a transfer section could be half a mile long or it could be a nice 5 mile jaunt through the woods . Whatever it takes to get to the start of the next Test section .
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