On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 178

vehicles were effectively lined up in front of the Huskvarna factory , which made an impressive photography . They also produced a street version of the 600-model . All in all , it is estimated that some 200 machines were manufactured with sidecars – about a third of the entire modelproduction . Next up , the Swedes manufactured a street version of its original 600 , now naming it model 610 , of which a total of 200 sidecar motorcycles were made .
Karl-Axel Hjelm in Västerås , west of Stockholm in the province of Södermanland , ordered his Husqvarna sidecar machine in the beginning of 1928 . His particular vehicle went through the factory in the spring of 1927 before it was delivered on the 14th of May to the ” Husqvarna Generaldepot ” in Stockholm . At this storage , it stayed for a year before the exclusive model 610 was picked up for registration on the 24th of april . Karl-Axel Hjelm did not have to go to the capital in order to receive his new machinery , but bought it at the local bike shop in ” the Västerås Cykelaffär ”. The price for the brandnew Husqvarna was set at 2 200 Swedish kronor ( approx . 450 US dollars ). The factory number of this vehicle was 10 x 267 and included an effective Bosch light-equipment . Karl-Axel paid 1 625 kronor in cash and the rest was settled as he traded in his used