On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 138

with that . Then after that , I felt like I was going better and better as the day went on , but my results weren ’ t really showing it . I was kind of just staying right there , second place , third place all day . I just didn ’ t have any flashes of brilliance today . Kind of just smooth and steady day for me .”
Coastal Racing GasGas ’ Ryder Lafferty continues to impress and added a third overall finish to go with his runner-up finish at the opener in Sumter , South Carolina .
“ I started off kind of slow but then made some changes to the bike ,” said Lafferty . “ I didn ’ t think it was going to be this dry , hard-pack , but we changed some stuff to the bike and got better . Stu ( Baylor ) was creeping up on me . Toth was , too . I was like , I can ’ t let Stu beat me . I had to wick it up there at the end . I had a good gap the last three and just kind of brought it on home .”
FMF / KTM ’ s Josh Toth had a bad second test when he clipped a tree and smashed his hand , which might have cost him a podium . He still had a solid day for fourth overall .
“ Just started off not super comfortable , kind of in the looser stuff ,” said Toth . “ I was just a little too timid and rode on the cautious side all day . Just didn ’ t have the speed for everyone . I kept it on two all day , but like I said , just wasn ’ t blazing fast today .”