On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 128

start out slow and then kind of by the end of the weekend on Sunday I would figure it out . That ’ s kind of how it went . I started out slower and then I got better towards the end of the day yesterday . Then today was the same thing . It ’ s hard to jump in with these boys and go fast . I just use it as a learning experience and kind of learn from it , work on it , make me better .”
RPM Racing KTM ’ s Angus Riordan had his best weekend of the season and came away with sixth overall and second in the Pro 2 division .
“ It was good ,” said Riordan . “ It was a lot better than the last round , as I pull my finger out and have a go . I was able to get second and seventh overall yesterday and sixth today . The last few tests today hurt me for the overall .”
Tely Energy Racing ’ s Liam Draper had a b it of an off weekend and finished up seventh overall .
“ I struggled a lot all weekend ,” said Draper . “ I tried a different tire and it didn ’ t really work in my favor . There were some times I was good and close to the boys , but Layne , Josh , and Craig were going good all weekend . They rode good and I rode bad .”
Seven-Sixty Husqvarna ’ s Thorn Devlin rounded out the podium in the Pro 2 class with an eighth overall . Meanwhile , Forbes Racing KTM ’ s Cole Forbes topped the 250 A