On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 125

hand by a couple of seconds in the cross test , while Toth would have a two-second edge in the enduro test . Amazingly , Toth nearly hit a deer in the second enduro test and went down , losing eight seconds to Michael . But then came back in the final enduro test to out-pace Michael by nine seconds , leaving the two riders with less than two seconds separating them at the end of the day .
“ We were pretty close all day on Saturday ,” admitted Michael . “ He did have a crash in the second one , but then that last test I was puzzled . I was just wondering where I could make that time up . Honestly , I went out there and I didn ’ t see any new lines . So , I just kind of put my head down and did the best I could .”
On Sunday , Michael was able to pick up a little speed in the enduro test , which was the difference in the two days , and the overall .
“ We were a lot closer today , so that felt nice ,” said Michael . “ I was still able to put a little time on him in the cross test , but that second enduro test today really kind of gave me the confidence going into that last test . He still nabbed me by a few seconds , but I ’ ll be honest , I was pretty nervous going into that last little bit . I made it through the hard stuff . I rode pretty crappy the last little bit . Just didn ’ t want to make a mistake . To win both days , it ’ s good . Kind of closes the points a little bit . For me just to get a win this
VOL . 7 ISSUE 6 - JUNE 2022 // PAGE 125