On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 108

scores . First podium ever ; I can ’ t believe it ! I ’ m worried because I have to do it again ; so I have mixed emotions [ laughs ]. I think it ’ s really just applying the skills that I ’ ve practiced and knowing that I can do this in competition .”
“ I enjoyed the sections a lot ,” said Busto . “ They were very wet and slippery , which made them a little more difficult . I made two silly mistakes , but I ’ m very happy about the day . I was surprised by the good level of the [ Pro ] riders and the way the trial was put together , not just the technical part , but also the level of physical endurance that is needed for three loops . A big thank you to Vertigo and Vertigo USA for the opportunity to come over to ride .”
“ This weekend was a lot of fun ,” said Takeda . “ The 250cc bike I had to ride this weekend is a lot less power than the 300cc I ’ m used to back home , but by the last loop today , I felt a lot more comfortable on the bike . It ’ s a good experience to learn how to ride a 250 . I was very happy with the skill level of the riders I was competing with in the Pro class . I would like to thank the Sacramento PITS club and the NATC , as well as Vertigo USA for all being so welcoming .”