On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 106

fived it ... I just need to keep moving because I just wanted to quit most of the time .
So definitely a rough one for me .”
Roper once again took second place on the day with 35 points , a position he kept since section 3 of the very first loop . Rounding out the final position on the podium , and for the first time in his Pro career , it was FactoryONE Sherco ’ s Will Myers , coming in with 44 points , only five points ahead of his teammate , brother , and training partner , FactoryONE Scorpa ’ s Alex Myers .
“ Today went pretty good ,” said Will . “ I knew the sections were going to be pretty difficult . The second loop went significantly better for me than my first ; I cleaned up all the ones and twos I had in the creek sections . Going out for my third loop , I was nervous because I didn ’ t know if I could do better . I went out and was just riding loose and having fun , kind of riding how I do any other day , just staying loose and not really getting in my own head . I was super happy with my score ; I couldn ’ t believe it because there were plenty of places to make mistakes . I really enjoyed keeping a faster pace than normal , because it was more me riding against my previous self than it was looking at what the other guys got and then seeing how I could do against them . I was only worried about how I was doing relevant to my previous loop