On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 - Page 102

and wasn ’ t letting me take many breaks , which is good . Typically , I ’ ll take breaks and lose my groove . I really like having him as a minder and look forward to keeping that as the series goes on .”
“ Minding was a change of pace ,” said Davis . “ It was a lot of fun . I wasn ’ t sure how I was going to feel going into it ; I didn ’ t know if I was going to miss being out there and riding with my competitors , but once we got into riding , I started helping Dalton . At first , I wasn ’ t sure how much I could help him , but watching him walk the sections , and seeing the lines he was choosing , I could immediately tell that there were things he didn ’ t know yet . I started guiding him on where he should and shouldn ’ t go instead of letting him follow his other riders . It was a lot of fun being able to bring something to the table . To see that big of an improvement in him in one day was really satisfying for me and makes me happy knowing I made the right decision in assisting him and taking a step back from riding and enjoy trials . To be around the sport and have this opportunity to really still be in it and give back and enjoy it and have a passion for it really feels good .”
Coming into Sunday ’ s competition , weather and terrain was much like the previous day . The hosting club kept a good mix of creek and woods sections , and providing as level a playing field as possible . Smage