On the Pegs - June 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 6 - June 2022 | Page 112

NATC Takes a Snow Day words & photos STEPH VETTERLY

Hosting a national is enough work in and of itself without Mother Nature butting in . Clubs work for months choosing locations for sections , debating line / gate choices , mapping the loop to avoid as many bottlenecks as possible , not to mention grooming each section ( pulling weeds , cutting tree branches / cacti ).
But unfortunately , Mother Nature had other plans for Rounds 5 and 6 of the 2022 AMA / NATC National Mototrials Championship , hosted by the Rocky Mountain Trials Association ( RMTA ) in CaƱon City , Colorado .
In the days leading up to the national weekend , temperatures were in the low-to-mid 80 ' s ; weather forecasts predicted a small snow flurry , but nothing that the venue couldn ' t handle . Life proceeded as usual , and the pits were full by Friday . The youth event was held , and competitors / spectators alike were found donning hoodies and jackets to fight back the cold and wind that started moving in .
No one could have ever dreamed that Saturday morning would present itself with 16-inches of the white stuff . Cars and other twowheel drive vehicles were having