On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 66

Eating Healthy During the Race /

Travel Season

Hey everyone !
Since we are full throttle into the race season we thought it would be a great time to chat about our eating habits while traveling and racing !
Maintaining a healthy diet is already difficult , so when you add the element of travel and lack of kitchen space it creates a bit of a challenge ! Over the years we have gone through the trial and error of ‘ on the go ’ eating . We will share what foods keep us most fueled while also keeping convenience in mind !
Disclaimer ! We are not health professionals , and most of what you will read is based off our own personal experiences and preferences . We like to keep our diet simple by utilizing whole foods : the key to keeping up with the physical
demands of riding means fueling your body enough to stay energized . We minimize our sugar intake to avoid energy crashes , however we don ’ t want to exclude it either .
Processed foods are loaded with many preservatives and chemicals that can affect your bodies natural way of producing sustained energy . Eating whole foods gives your body good fats , sugar enzymes and proteins that work together to give you lasting fuel throughout the daywhich means feeling fuller longer ! When riding and racing , carbs are your friend . Yes , eating that pasta the night before can be beneficial , BUT let ' s talk about the carbs we have found to be our favorite to the demands of riding :
Sweet potatoes , brown rice , quinoa , oatmeal , whole wheat tortillas , whole wheat bread , whole wheat pasta , and even bananas are all examples of healthy and efficient carbs . Great sources of whole foods with GOOD fats are ; avocados , nuts , and eggs . Proteins include : All sources of meat , eggs , protein powder , greek yogurt , cottage cheese , and fish .
Here are some examples of snacks and meals we found easiest to make while on the road :