On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 53

words & photos : Shan Moore Greensboro , GA ( June 13 , 2021 )

Josh Toth took a well-deserved win , his first of the year , at this weekend ’ s Cherokee National Enduro in Greensboro , Georgia , grabbing the lead in the first test and then holding it all day to beat out series point leader Steward Baylor by 19 seconds at the finish .

The FMF / KTM rider only topped two of the seven tests all day , but the two he did win he did so by big margins , while his remaining test times saw him sticking tight to his top two challengers , Steward ( AmPro Yamaha ) and Grant Baylor ( KLM / Milwaukee / GasGas ).
Toth won the first test of the day by 14 seconds over Grant ; and when Steward drew to within four seconds of Toth heading into the final test of the day , the KTM rider busted out an incredible ride to add another 15 seconds to his cushion to seal the win .
“ I rode pretty smart in the first test ,” said Toth . “ I didn ’ t overshoot any turns . It was a short test so I knew any mistake was going to be hard to make up , so I just rode really smart . I kind of thought I was a little on the cautious side and I came in and I crushed the first test , so I was pretty taken aback by that . Then the Baylor ’ s were on the hunt for me all day . Trying to fight them off . Going into the last test I knew it was going
VOL . 6 ISSUE 7 - JULY 2021 // PAGE 53