On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 183

Fifty-one riders lined up amongst the trees to start the Post Vintage race , which would become a race of redemption for Brian Grove . He set aside his woes from an early exit in race one to take the overall win . Although Grove ’ s Honda XR200 led all four laps , it wasn ’ t an easy win by any means . Steve Mason , Jr was on his rear fender incessantly and as they passed the white flag only five seconds separated the two . Mason was unable to get his Yamaha IT past Grove though and settled for second . Lee Hickok joined the AA class and rode to a strong third overall and third in class as all were AA class riders .
James McCommon took an early lead in Post Vintage 60 + Expert , but John Brunnett hustled his Can-Am into the lead on lap two . McCommon continued close pursuit of John throughout the remainder of the race , but Brunnett held strong to take the checkers . Yamaha-mounted Charlie Walker wasn ’ t far behind for third . 2021 is the year of parity in Post Vintage 200 Intermediate . Of the ten riders who took the green flag , eight were vying to be the fourth different winner in as many races . Sam Merrell was hoping to be that guy as he set the pace off the start . But , following up on a strong race one performance , Brock Kutskel proved he was on fire this day . Kutskel made the move past Sam ’ s
VOL . 6 ISSUE 5 - MAY 2021 // PAGE 183