On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 179

But , after the wacky weather of the previous round two weeks prior , where temperatures dropped into the low 30s and rain turned to snow , Mother Nature was not prepared to quit tossing wild cards on the table . Just as the course followed a similar path as 2020 , so too did the weather . Despite the calendar stating late May , the thermometer registered solidly in the 90s . So much for avoiding the heat this year !
In one of the few variations from last year , the tight starting area grew a bit larger and moved a bit further north to make way for some new construction at the site . The beautiful , partially completed , barn would house the excellent ownerprovided concessions on this day , and would play host to the , by-now , Mr . and Mrs . Roycroft ’ s nuptials shortly after the race weekend . Congratulations !
The newly opened starting area resides on the higher elevations of the property and is a bit unique . Laid out like bumpers in a pinball machine , multiple trees remained in the main path . Obviously , with safety being a primary concern , each tree was cushioned by hay bales and conspicuously marked . After dodging the trees , the course entered the western part of the property , which is dominated by flowing two-track following the rolling terrain , with an entertaining grass track section part way through before a return to the woods . A quick trip through the scoring tent and on to the eastern portion of the course where things change quite dramatically as the course crosses a creek and ascends a substantial hillside through a variety of roots , rocks , and single-track . Once atop the hill , the course becomes rather rock-strewn as it zigzags through some ATV width paths before hitting off camber single-track leading to a long rocky downhill return to the valley below . A bit of gnarly rock garden ends with a run back through the creek and into the distinct terrain of the northern bit . Ascending yet again , this time starting on a dirt road laden with glimmering micainfused rocks . A couple short and steep climbs , often a site of potential traffic , follow one another as the trail enters the woods for a final set of switch-back single-track that meanders its way up in elevation in a return to the starting area to begin another lap . In general , the trail condition was excellent , although with the warm temperatures , there was a bit of dust in some areas dependent on the level of traffic .
After settling for the runner-up in the overall standing in his first two races , Josh Zerance used his front row , AA class , starting position as an advantage . With thirty-seven riders behind and a clear track in front of him , Josh set the pace on his Can-Am . Early troubles for AA class cohort Brian Grove , overall
VOL . 6 ISSUE 5 - MAY 2021 // PAGE 179