On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 170

Actually , I have enjoyed (?) a lot of interesting experiences involving the use of , or results from , starting bikes by means of kickstarters . Who among us , experienced with 70 ’ s Yamaha two stroke singles did not periodically hear the funny backfire they would make after three or four kicks ? It didn ’ t really sound like a backfire , more like a loud cough out the end of the pipe . We used to call it the “ Yamaha sneeze ”. The bike would always fire up right after it did that , too .
I had a little Aermacchi-Harley two stroke which would always fire on the first or second kick , but because it had a battery-dependent ignition , and because I could never seem to keep the battery properly charged , would often suddenly sign off from the initial high , choke-induced idle . Then , when the piston finally
stopped , a moment would pass , then KA-BANG ! A real backfire . It would actually pop the spring-secured header pipe right out of the muffler . Once , I had removed the springs for some stupid reason and the pipe actually flew off the bike completely and went clattering across the driveway following the “ big bang ”. Eventually , when I heard this explosive cycle initiating , I would quickly let go of the bars and plug my ears . Fortunately , those days are only a distant memory . Rest in peace , wherever you are , you weird little bike .
One of the coolest kickstarters I can recall was on my ’ 75 Penton . It pivoted not down by the kickstart shaft , nor at the very top , but right in the middle . In fact , everything about that bike was cool . And it ran great too . Those factors , along my
Harley Z90 - photo credit : DannyZ71