On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 150

Now let ’ s really get Idaho Trials on the map , especially in the west . We were fortunate to have many members of the SactoPITS trials club come to an event we did at OMC in June 2020 . They supported our event , along with an incredible group of riders from their club that were so fun , skilled and helpful . That type of support is so very much appreciated . What we learned , and quickly saw , was that Idaho sadly was the one state missing from the Conquer the West trials series the Pophals started a few years ago . This series is made up of 2-day events featured in almost every state in the west that encourages riders to travel to other states and clubs , to not only ride their events , but also make new trials friends with all these other like-minded people . With good support from the Idaho Dept . of Lands , we are actively checking out areas in Idaho ’ s beautiful central mountains to fill the hole our state has in the Conquer the West series . Stay tuned for more on this story .
All in all Idaho is meeting it ’ s potential with many thanks to many folks locally and from other clubs who readily offer guidance , advice and suggestions , along with coming to ride our events . The trials community is definitely a supportive group of people with a vast bank of knowledge and experience they are more than willing to share to help bring Idaho into the fold . THANK
YOU , and we hope to see many of you soon riding trials in Idaho !
We would like to thank these additional sponsors for helping us build the OMC Trials Park :
• Carl ’ s Cycle Sales
• Sawtooth PT
• DOC Clinic
• Snake River Yamaha
• Rekluse
• Idaho Sports Medicine Institute
• Les Schwab Tire
• Bill Whitaker
• And a big thanks to Dan Larson with Mossy Rock Trials , Bruce Bollinger in NM , members of COTA in OR , SCTA and UtahTrials for all the helpful advice as we continue this Idaho trials story .
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