On the Pegs - July 2021 On the Pegs - Volume 6 Issue 7 | Page 148

provides many opportunities for all disciplines of motorcycle riding . Sadly , the extensive population growth has created limited access and closures due to over use and abuse in some areas . To combat this , organized and member driven riding areas have increased with wider opportunities available to the public . Owyhee Motorcycle Club ( OMC ) has provided many different aspects for the off-road motorcycle enthusiast for years .
From their long heritage of Motocross events , to youth and vintage racing , they now offer an extensive Trials training and competition section . This everexpanding area of obstacles and diverse terrain is leading the way for the growth of the Trials discipline in Idaho . Assuredly other clubs and organizations will follow suit with the increased interest shown in this skill honing low environmental impact sport .”
“ I think what brought me to trials is really that I want to be a better rider . Every time I ride enduro I sort of gravitate toward more technical trails and look for a hard line or obstacle I haven ’ t ridden before , so I can accomplish something I haven ’ t done yet . Starting riding enduro about 4 years ago , I got in way over my head with a group of really talented riders who took me on some insane trails every weekend . I got addicted to that feeling of being a bit scared to do something , and doing it anyway , and in general just getting a good beat down on a hard ride . Moving to a new state , I had trouble finding really technical trails , especially in the winter when mountains were snowed in , and a trials bike seemed like a great way to
Mariah Garrett riding during the Ryan Young School ; Mike MacKeage