On the Pegs - January 2023 On the Pegs - Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2023 - Page 140

Photoshop and eliminate all the dust-traces found on the old motives . But it was one hell of a task . The container findings consisted of more than a thousand glass-plate negatives . “ I have worked with photos and pictures all my adult life , when starting my laboratory in the beginning of the 70s ” told de Geer . “ I have been copying black-and-white pictures as a way of making my living . So , it was quite amazing when I found all the glassplates , it made me very happy , indeed ”.
The biggest surprise for Ludde de Geer was when he discovered the wedding photo of his parents . “ That really threw my off balance . Imagine , I had the original picture from the wedding ceremony of my parents . Mind you , this picture was from the middle of our last century .”
Another important discovery came when an important Husqvarna photo glass was detected . In the final racing year of the factory , a TT machine ( a road racing machine today ) was displayed at Husqvarna ’ s Stockholm depot . Together with various success photos from 1934 , it was a kind of saying goodbye to racing after many years of motorcycle top achievements . As can be detected from the light bulbs on the windowscreen , this picture was taken in December – just in time for celebrating Christmas . Window shoppers now had their last chance of seeing the official Husqvarna racer , which had captured so many trophies for the Swedish Weapons factory . In the future , there would be no official racing-representation with factory support in the TT races . People could also lay their eyes on a huge photo of the Husky star Ragnar Sunnqvist , who had conquered the Saxtorp opposition in 34 , and some of the trophies captured during this season . A special poster-like frame came from the famous Solvalla race in the autumn of 1934 , where Husqvarna scored great success . The Swedish factory had fast , reliable machinery , which suited the 1,000-meter horseracing track in the suburban Stockholm area .
And , of course , in the centrecourt behind the window , you can see a framed photograph of his master ’ s voice himself – Folke Mannerstedt , reigning in the middle behind the shop-window glass . It was an important timeframe with a hedonistic heritage .