On the Pegs - January 2023 On the Pegs - Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2023 - Page 122

With the new Team Manager Takahisa Fujinami there was not much time to adapt .
It was tough because with Miquel Cirera we had won everything . The first year is complicated because , after 15 years of winning everything … imagine if , for whatever reason , you lose a title … it could happen , because it ’ s something that will eventually happen . We can ’ t win all the time . Fujinami has worked hard , he had no timetable , but the best thing is that he understands us as riders . He is there for whatever we need . We have seen so many times how things are done , so maybe it was easier , but whatever can be improved upon , he will certainly do it .
Physically you were in great shape at the start of the competition .
Perfect ! Physically I ’ ve been on form all year and I ’ ve felt really good . There have been moments when I ’ ve been very good on the bike , better than some other years , but it ’ s also true that we ’ ve also made some mistakes . It ’ s true that the rivals push us hard , but we also messed up sometimes . Hopefully the 2023 season will be as good as this year .
Part of your methodology is to train a lot and constantly improve !
It ’ s a very complicated thing . And because I ’ m very demanding , I know