On the Pegs - January 2023 On the Pegs - Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2023 - Page 119

Have you had to do a lot of work on the Cota this year ?
Well , this year I competed on two “ different ” bikes in the Indoor and Outdoor championships . I ’ m happy because we were a bit daring in X-Trial and it really paid off , winning the first four trials with the new bike . Then , in the outdoor , it didn ’ t feel so right , so we took a small step back and I think that ’ s the way forward : where I can ’ t make it , the bike can , and when the bike can ’ t make it , then I can . That ’ s what we are aiming at and we know it ’ s not easy to keep up . Good years like these recent ones … it ’ s difficult to achieve so many successes ! We ’ ve had an amazing year , everything went very
well but … it wasn ’ t our best year . It ’ s difficult to start up again and do things well and keep up that high motivation .
You say it wasn ’ t the best year because you didn ’ t manage to win all the trials ?
It ’ s hard to have a perfect season , but there have been some years when we have managed it . To repeat a perfect season is super-difficult : you have to win everything . 2022 was not our greatest year because we failed and we have failed less in other years when we performed better than this time . I am ultracompetitive , but also realistic . I ’ m
VOL . 8 ISSUE 1 - JANUARY 2023 // PAGE 119