On the Pegs - January 2023 On the Pegs - Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2023 - Page 117

It was a great season for the Repsol Honda Team . Once again , Toni , you have won all the titles up for grabs , taking your tally to 32 world titles . And you have not stopped reminding us all season that , not just you , but the rest of the team too , have done a great job , especially over the winter . Now it ’ s winter and , knowing you , you ’ re probably already thinking ahead to 2023 . Is that the case ?
Yes . Certainly we have already started working towards 2023 . We had a short break in November to get some rest and for Honda Thanks Day . That was when we officially got the 2023 pre-season underway and in December we started both the fitness preparation as well as the preparation for the bike . Last year we did something similar , but without going to Japan . It was great to see the engineers again and work with them for a few days . It was highly productive and our intention was to improve on the work done the previous winter .
What have you worked on in the pre-season ?
It ’ s difficult . We are at a time when things are going very well and when you improve , it is hard to improve at everything . That is to say : sometimes you improve on a point that you need , but you lose something you already had . That puts you into a tricky situation .
VOL . 8 ISSUE 1 - JANUARY 2023 // PAGE 117