On the Pegs - January 2023 On the Pegs - Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2023 - Page 103

trials , so it was quite hard to keep improving year after year . Training alone and without a professional teacher was hard .
Q . Was there a particular professional rider who you looked up to , or tried to emulate growing up ? Why that rider ?
A . Toni Bou has been my favorite rider since I was a child . I always tried to copy his movements and watching videos was the only way for me to keep improving and understanding more and more . You need to copy and learn from the best .
Q . When did you make the decision to become a professional rider ? Were you hesitant about making that choice ?
A . I made the decision to become a professional rider twice . The first time was when I moved to Barcelona and I was 16 years old , as I ’ m from the opposite part of Spain ( Galicia ). Then I left studies to focus on trials when I was 18 years old . I knew I wanted to become a professional rider but I didn ’ t want to leave school . So , it wasn ’ t easy to make the decision . But , luckily I couldn ’ t be happier with my choice .
Q . What are some things that you feel took your riding from the National level to the World level ?
A . That ’ s a good question . You need to have talent and then the most important thing is to be professional , I mean doing good quality training , reinforcing your skills with gym work , and riding hours , hours , and more hours .
VOL . 8 ISSUE 1 - JANUARY 2023 // PAGE 103