On the Pegs - January 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 1 - January 2022 - Page 70

to earn him the top position overall with only four points . Three riders were tied with seven points , but due to the new rule , Busto would take the second-place position followed by TRRS ’ s Adam Raga in third , and Bou in fourth as a result of riding order . Sherco ’ s Jeroni Fajardo and Gelabert would take fifth and sixth place , respectively . Marcelli , Martyn , and GasGas ’ s Jorge Casales would not continue to the heat races .
Competing in the first heat were Gelabert , Raga , and Fajardo . The same sections were used , but riders rode them in reverse , with the end gate serving as the start gate . First out on the course was Gelabert ; after starting the round with a failure in the first section , the GasGas rider took an enormous fall from the highest point of section 2 , landing face-first on the stadium floor , bike in tow . Unfortunately , the way the obstacles were positioned , there was no good place for Gelabert ’ s minder to have helped in the situation . Medics rushed in , and after a moment , Miquel was able to stand and limped off the course to sit out the rest of the event . Raga would take the heat win with a total of five points to Busto ’ s seven .
In the second heat , the “ Bou Show ” returned to the crowd ’ s pleasure , with Toni cleaning all six sections and moving on to go head-tohead against Raga . Grattarola and Fajardo both had an unfortunate