On the Pegs - January 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 1 - January 2022 - Page 149

CEDAR CREEK , TX December 12 , 2021
The Texas Offroad Championship Series ( TORCS ) wrapped up their 15th season of racing on December 12 , 2021 at the beautiful Powell Ranch in Cedar Creek , Texas . In typical Central Texas fashion , the weather ranged over all seasons of the year in one weekend . Early arrivers on Friday experienced record-breaking temperatures for December reaching the high 80 ’ s . Everyone was panting and sweating by the time they finished setting up their camp sites in the summer-like heat .
However , by daylight on Saturday morning a strong cold-front had dropped in the area bringing strong gusts of north winds . Despite the quick change in temperatures , the skies remained clear and bright . A brisk feeling of fall still lingered in the air , the leaves colors were a faint orange as they laid on the ground , and rains from earlier in the week were settled in the sandy loam . As the youth racers were doing their morning practice runs on the track , you could see the perfect rut lines made from their tires penetrating through the first couple inches of bare trail making perfect ruts like a toy dozer running across a bed of Playdoh .
Championships were on the line . The ultimate bragging right earned from a year-long dedication through the 10-race series was all the hype surrounding the pits and the normal jokers were not wondering around , as times were serious . The year end results in most classes were hinging on this final race of the year .
This was especially true for the 85A class , who kicked off the races for the weekend . Miguel Jimenez edged the holeshot over Julian Kresge , who was on a hot fight . Kresge followed
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