On the Pegs - January 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 1 - January 2022 - Page 139

" I blame my mom for my obsession ," said JJ Kamholtz , another attendee . " My parents owned a motorcycle mechanic school in California when I was born and then opened a Honda dealership in south Alabama when I was 8 . Motorcycles were in my blood . I rode until I was 16 and then didn ' t ride again until about 9 years ago . First ride back , I felt like I was 10 again , and couldn ' t stop smiling and giggling . I was officially hooked and bought a dirt bike very soon after . I have raced hare scrambles and endurance races including racing all three classes ( Ironwoman , Duo , and Six-woman team ) at the Perry Mountain 24 hr race .
" I have participated in several coed and all-girl clinics . The all-girl
clinics have such a great vibe and the opportunity to take one that was focused on extreme enduro skills just couldn ' t be passed up .
" This was my second year attending and it is one of my absolute favorite events . The camaraderie with other like-minded women is amazing ! We are all struggling , celebrating , and being inspired together . There ' s nothing like it !! The instructors are so encouraging , and knowledgeable , and they do a great job of breaking the skills down into bite-sized pieces that are less overwhelming and help build confidence in each of us as we tackle new obstacles . The SEER team puts on THE best events and they definitely go above and beyond with the Ladies Clinic !"
VOL . 7 ISSUE 1 - JANUARY 2022 // PAGE 139