On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 - Page 99

Head continues to improve while showing the type of skill that does not surprise anyone considering the trials career of his father Scott .
Bryce Pophal lost only 3 marks on the day in Expert while Geoff Aaron ’ s son Murphy , another rider taking after his father displaying impressive form and talent for his age , took second position with 20 marks lost . David Taylor came in at third place with a score of 26 .
Yoyi San Martin of todotrial . com fame , traveling from Spain to make his first ever trip to the USA , took the first day ' s lead in Expert Sportsman by a single mark over Nick Schacht . These two riders were so close that they also had the same amount of clean rides , matching 24 on the day .
VOL . 7 ISSUE 8- AUGUST 2022 // PAGE 99