On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 - Page 80

Since this journalist / photographer had prior event obligations , I wasn ’ t able to attend the Sugarloaf event , but watched as the results came through the US Hard Enduro site . Watching as Alex not only completed Saturday ’ s qualifiers , but place well enough to earn a spot in the main event , I was overjoyed to see that the first-time jitters were gone , and Alex was putting his head down and getting it done . I was able to meet up with a much happier Alex to learn exactly how his second-ever enduro went :
" Sugarloaf was ten times better than RORR . I didn ' t do that great . I think I just went about it better . I didn ' t rush and I knew what I was expecting . The weekend in between , I went out and practiced a little bit , so I had seat time . I was comfortable with the boots , comfortable with the bike , comfortable in those real tight situations , so that was helpful . I don ' t have a ton of experience , like I don ' t know how to pace and all that is very still very difficult for me to know how hard I can push and not die before the end . It was tough and the qualifiers were just as I expected , fast . Only a couple of hard bits , so you just had to be ready for that .
The first qualifier was pretty easy - it was pretty fast . I didn ' t do that great and I think I finished 18th there . So , you know , it ' s better than crashing and DNF ’ ing . So that ' s kind of where I wanted to set the baseline . And