On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 - Page 52

Lafferty rode a solid and consistent race all day , except for the fifth test , where he actually went down and lost several seconds .
“ The only one I didn ’ t feel myself in was the fifth test ,” said Lafferty . “ I had a crash in that one , but still was pretty good . It was just that Stew crushed it .”
Lafferty had three wins on the day and he still had a chance to move back into the lead with a good ride in the sixth and final test , which he won by five seconds over Steward , but it was not enough .
“ I won that last test , so it was a good day ,” said Lafferty . “ I just felt solid . I wanted some redemption after the fifth test , so it was good .”
Lafferty ’ s Coastal Racing GasGas teammate Ricky Russell turned in his best performance of the series with a third .
“ I felt like I made so many mistakes in the first test , but when I came in I saw that I finished second and I was one second from winning it , so I was like , ‘ oh , everyone is struggling too ’,” said Russell . “ After that , I just kept my head down . In the third test , I think I was fourth , and then I just got consistent thirds the rest of the day .”
REV Motorsports GasGas ’ Grant Baylor finished fourth overall despite two big crashes . RICKY RUSSELL - NE PRO 1