On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 - Page 130

the same department and had a dream of racing an Italian Rumi road racing machine - in red and silver . Consequently , new ideas started to flow . It was stated that this moped should be sporty , attracting customers and getting attention simultaneously . However , progress was slow and by the time a proposal was finished , it was high noon for launching the new product . So , Helmin talked to his colleague Egil Skog , who took out his sketch book and came up with the idea to use existing components for a prototype , which could be manufactured . Frame , engine , front forks , 24 " wheels , lights and other parts already existed from the Novolette . The tank from the Silverpilen could also be used by downscaling its volume to 5,5 litres . It was decided that these components will be used for the new sports machine . Timeconsuming developments were avoided by easy and fast solutions . One of the few inventions that was needed was a delicate mounting for the power source . It had to reveal the machine ' s potential to the eye . The moped also featured a toolbox mounted underneath the saddle . As an option , a speedometer was available at extra cost . The end result was a mini-sized Silverpilen !
Production . Everybody was happy with the inventive design and a go-ahead decision was easy and unanimously . Wheels , cogs and turning lathes started rotating for its introduction at the 1955 International Motorcycle Fair in Stockholm . The new " Biker ' s Diaper " won accolades by stealing the show despite its out-of-date pedals . The press people elevated the moped into the skies , and everybody was excited , expecting a bright future . The final developments , so said the advertising slogan at the time , resulted in " Every boy ' s dream for Christmas - in TT-style in shining white and sparkling