On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 - Page 107

2022 East Youth Nationals and Women ' s Open

Once a year , on July 4th weekend , the AMA / NATC Eastern Youth Nationals and Women ’ s Open lights up the hills of Sequatchie , TN , with fireworks and competition . 2022 was no different , with one of the most closely contested 15 and Under Championship groups seen in recent history . This competition is a slightly different format than the AMA / NATC Nationals in that the loop is relatively short , normally less than two miles , to accommodate smaller riders on electric trials bikes . The trial consists of four loops of eight sections . Competition is three days in a row with a five-hour time limit each day . It ’ s a very rigorous schedule any time of the year , but 2022 added to the test with high-90 ° F degree temperatures and near 100 % humidity . Many riders ended each day in the creek , making quite a splash with the locals .
The lines / skill levels are denoted by the number portion of the class , with 4 being the easiest and 0 being the hardest .
Day 1 started with young Beckett Dandignac heading out on the first loop at 8am , followed by 44 more riders spaced one minute apart in order of difficulty . This was the most difficult day , with many of the sections on the hillsides of the Trials Training Center . This led to great battles in many of the classes . The 9 and Under Championship class top 4 were separated by a point per place , with Ivan Misek pulling out a 1 point day . The Women ’ s Advanced class had another tight contest , with Tennessee ’ s Abigail Buzzelli edging out Alabama ’ s Caroline Kent for the win . The excitement was high through the end of the competition ; a ride-off was needed to settle the Women ’ s Novice class , as both Becky Owens and Kylin Dorman had clean days !
After some cool-off time in the creek and a good night ’ s sleep , Day 2 sent off the riders in the same order as Day 1 . Much like Day 1 , both the humidity and the temperature were high . In the 11 and Under Championship class , Kole Swartz was able to improve upon his third place from Day 1 with a win over Preston Blumhorst . Owen Fields , Cash Blumhorst , and Bronson Dorman went 1-2-3 separated
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