On the Pegs - August 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2022 | Page 68

( the event also doubled as an ISDE camp for Team USA , so the riders used the “ eco ” tires to get used to them for the event in France ). I struggled early on yesterday just trying to figure it out , the first two tests , then I finally got the hang of it . The enduro test was like a national enduro so I really enjoyed it . It was a little tighter , so it was more like you need to remember your lines and remember your marks . I like that stuff because I can remember that stuff pretty well . So , that was fun .”
Despite having an up and down weekend , Phoenix Honda Racing ’ s Cody Barnes won the Pro 2 class with a fifth overall finish . He too was struggling with the DOT tires .
“ I had a couple dumb crashes on day one in the cross test ; kind of frustrated ,” said Barnes . “ It wasn ’ t where I wanted to be with the comparison to other guys ’ times . I need to do some homework on riding with these tires and just getting more comfortable so that we have the best result in Six Days .”
RPM Racing KTM ’ s Dante Oliveira , who races on the west coast , was a bit out of his element in the eastern woods , but still came away with sixth overall .
“ It was a good weekend playing around over here , but not the results I really wanted ,” said Dante . “ It was cool to come out here and do it , but definitely not where I wanted to be