ON Chiropractic Winter 2014 - Page 5

Information & Research Vehicle Services HR Legal Technology Accounting & Finance Reviews and information on cutting-edge chiropractic topics. Legal advice, agreements and divorce are just some of the services available to protect your business. Insurance Home, auto, life and extended health policies are all available from our insurance partners. Save money with partners providing valuable offers to drivers and travellers. IT solutions, web design, email communication and much more are offered by these select partners. Marketing Find help with promotional campaigns, website design, social media and much more from our partners. Go to www.Chiropractic.on.ca to Learn More. 4 WINTER 2014 Our partners can help you with your payroll and human resources needs. Accounting, bookkeeping, investments and loans are just some of the services available to you and your business. Leisure Activities Play time is here! Enjoy discounts offered by our partners. The Road to Recovery I “ took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” That is the conclusion poet Robert Frost came to about choosing between two roads leading forward. The “road” to recovery offers multiple ways forward too. Each patient will experience their own journey differently. In this issue of ON Chiropractic we will present tools to help determine which roads you and your patients might travel down together. A new road that is opening to chiropractors includes the concept of prehabilitation. We will share evidence about incorporating prehabilitation regimens in consultation with a patient’s entire health care team may aid in recovery from total joint arthroplasty. We will also look down several roads to managing osteoarthritis and share the current state of research on the efficacy of a variety of treatment plan components. A glimpse of current thinking on the role of central sensitization in osteoarthritis is also provided. Finally, we travel around the world to see how public and private funding models are being “mashed up”. Chiropractors and patients are benefiting in countries where the public and private roads are coming together. ON Chiropractic’s standard departments offer guidance on how to determine if a new team member is an employee or contractor, the pros and cons of incorporation, CCO’s advertising Standard of Practice and how three of your colleagues are breaking down barriers to chiropractic within underserved communities. We hope you find these stories useful as you travel down the road that leads to success in your practice. We’re here for you. AN OCA Member Resource The OCA Advantages Program is comprised of 26 partnerships, each of which can help you save money, build your business or upgrade your knowledge. ON Chiropractic OCA Advantages In This Issue www.chiropractic.on.ca 5