ON Chiropractic Winter 2014 - Page 3

ON Chiropractic DEPARTMENTS In This Issue D page 5 The road to recovery has many twists and turns. Learn about some new tools to navigate that road in this issue of ON Chiropractic. Compliance D page 6 Speciļ¬c standards and guidelines govern chiropractic advertising in Ontario. Get a refresher on the current rules and learn how to avoid liability. PAGE 6 Business D page 15 Wondering if incorporation is right for your practice? Find out from industry experts. Human Resources D page 23 Adding to your team? Getting the parameters right lays the foundation for a fruitful business relationship. Learn how. Incorporate? Community D page 24 Chiropractors across Ontario are reducing barriers to underserved populations. Meet three chiropractors who are part of this trend. Craig 23 Paul PAGE 15 Zeinin PAGE www.chiropractic.on.ca 3