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FEATURE STORY Public/Private Mashup: The Global Trend IN NORWAY: 14 weeks of chiropractic treatment is funded. The progression of chiropractic into mainstream health care systems around the world is continuing. The recent policy changes in Ontario are yet another example of how chiropractors are demonstrating the greater role they can play in individuals’ health care teams as their conservative care MSK specialists. As in the evolution of any profession, there is bound to be some uncertainty and some growing pains. In Ontario, challenges associated with the details and impacts of chiropractors joining primary care teams, such as Family Health Teams and Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics, will need to be managed collectively by the profession. When it comes to patient satisfaction and outcomes and the net impact on the reputation and credibility of the profession, though, the international data does show that chiropractic is quite well served by partnerships in the delivery of primary health care. 26 WINTER 2014 United Kingdom: In 2012, the United Kingdom’s National Health The VA now provides STUDY: Service (NHS) began the implementation of the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) program. Designed to provide increased choice to patients, AQP allows individuals to choose from a list of pre-qualified practitioners reduction in when referred for secondary care for specific conditions by their family orthopaedic physician. “Muskulo-skeletal services for back and neck pain” are included in the list of services to be provided in the AQP model. referrals. Dr. Mark Gurden, a chiropractor working in Colchester, Essex, completed the process of becoming a registered AQP provider. The process ensures that practitioners meet several requirements of the AQP program, including being licenced by Monitor, the health sector regulator in England, complying with the terms and conditions of the NHS Standard Contract and reaching agreements with the local commissioners on supporting schedules to the Standard Contract. When a practitioner applies to join the AQP an extensive review is conducted, including ensuring that appropriate integrated care pathways have been described and that the details of clinical governance leads, processes and reporting have been worked out. Switzerland has Dr. Gurden joined a group of several manual therapists to create the North East Essex Primary Care Trust (PCT) in his application to join the AQP, which included extended chiropractic chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. The PCT was committed from the coverage to include outset to measuring the impact of their work. During a one-year pilot phase, PCT Military and Disability evaluated their services based on several criteria including patient health outcomes and experiences. Following an average of six treatments over eight weeks, 64.9% of Insurance. patients significantly improved and 99.5% reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the treatment they received. Dr. Richard Brown, Secretary-General of the European Chiropractors’ Union, is encouraged both by the incorporation of chiropractors into the AQP program and the results of the PCT pilot. Dr. Brown is especially pleased that, consistent with other pilot projects, the PCT work resulted Conclusion: Each of these examples of in a 28% reduction in referrals chiropractic participation in the primary care to orthopaedic outpatient of MSK conditions is a step forward for the departments. Not only does this profession. That this trend has taken hold in enhance the patient experience, it also represents significant cost Ontario is significant. Ontario’s chiropractors, and savings to the NHS. their patients, are sure to benefit. As Dr. Richard 28% chiropractic care to veterans of the American military “on-station”. Switzerland: Chiropractic United States: The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) now provides chiropractic care to veterans of the American military “on-station”. That means that at over 20 VA medical centres across the United States, chiropractors are members of the health care team. Patients who do not live near a VA medical centre are referred to chiropractors in private practice at one of over 100 medical centres. Costs incurred b H]Y[