ON Chiropractic Winter 2014 - Page 2

CONTENTS FEATURES Prehabilitation: A Head Start on the Road to Recovery A recent article in Physiotherapy Canada outlined preliminary evidence that prehabilitation improves physical function in “even the most severely compromised patients” who are waiting to undergo total joint arthroplasty. Read how to incorporate this technique into your practice. 16 PAGE PAGE 8 Public/Private Mashup: The Global Trend Osteoarthritis: Understanding Pain and Treatment The Arthritis Society of Canada predicts that, within a generation, there will be a new diagnosis of osteoarthritis in Canada every 60 seconds. Learn more about the condition and how to enhance your treatment plans. Across the globe, health care is working out a new balance between public and private payers. Discover how it’s advancing chiropractic and patient care. PAGE 2 WINTER 2014 26