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the games having honed one particular skill tremendously. After living and breathing ankle taping for four days, she reported having her total time down to under three minutes to tape an ankle. She credits working alongside Athletic Therapists with helping her improve her speed. Both Dr. Josh Charles and Dr. Shayne Baylis learned some new skills that they likely never expected to acquire. Dr. Charles reported learning about fluid draining and injections. Dr. Baylis learned to suture, tape an inflamed fat pad, decompress blood stuck under a nail bed and how to respond to acute sports traumas. He also got to teach his fellow practitioners about acupuncture motor points. Dr. Elise Damecour and Dr. Scott McCrimmon both had eye-opening experiences working with athletes competing in some of the less common sports at the games, such as shooting and equestrian activities. As Dr. Damecour experienced, “Shooting athletes present with scapular, upper thoracic and lower cervical problems due to the cumulative impact from the recoil of the firearms. During a training session, they can shoot up to 50 times. They report relief with adjustments, especially of the upper ribs.” Dr. McCrimmon was also struck by the impact of shooting sports on the body. What really amazed him though, was how often times the athlete’s health was a lower priority than the maintenance of firearms or horses: “Shooters tended to have a lot of shoulder and neck problems whereas equestrian riders had injuries all over their bodies. I learned that they tend to take great care of the horses but do not look after their own injuries and just keep riding.” By participating in the Games, chiropractic volunteers had the opportunity to demonstrate the professionalism and skill that chiropractors bring to health care each and every day in practice. Dr. Marissa Lee’s experience was that doctors and nurses were interested in what chiropractors do. She was able to demonstrate how she assesses, diagnoses and treats patients. 2014 OCA Chiropractor of the Year Dr. Eric Jackson revelled in the chance to provide interprofessional education about chiropractic. His most memorable experience was “working in the Polyclinic and showing other folks how cool chiropractic is! Many folks were surprised at the accuracy of palpation and how we could identify where and what was bothering them.” Dr. Shima Shahidy reported a particularly satisfying interaction with an emergency department physician. “Best moment ever was showing an ER doctor what lumbar spine SMT looks like and discussing treatment approaches for fat irritation.” Dr. Peter Humphrey was very intrigued by the opportunity to observe OCA Advantages ON Chiropractic FEATURE STORY / CHIROPRACTORS AT TORONTO 2015 other practitioners’ adjusting techniques. “For our chiropractors it was probably an eye opener to see a PT manipulate. They have some different and effective methods of manipulation. They are well trained and they are good. We definitely benefitted from being exposed to their techniques and treatment approach,” he said. “Having said that, as chiropractors we perform more manipulation than any other group of practitioners and it is the frequency with which we perform manipulation that gives us the foundation to be excellent manipulators. Years of building a repertoire of adjustments and honing our adjusting skills is what gives chiropractors expertise in the field. Yes, we opened their eyes too.” We could not agree more. Conclusion V olunteering at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games truly was a once-in-alifetime opportunity to the over 150 chiropractors who participated. In addition to these individual experiences, the net impact of the games for the profession has been positive. Countless individuals from across disciplines were introduced to chiropractic and saw firsthand the results it creates for patients. The chiropractors who were involved became exceptional ambassadors for the profession on the world stage. The OCA Advantages Program is comprised of over two dozen partnerships, each of which can help you save money, build your business or upgrade your knowledge. Accounting & Finance Accounting, bookkeeping, investments and loans are just some of the services available to you and your business. HR Our partners can help you with your payroll and human resources needs. Insurance Legal Home, auto, life and extended health policies are all available from our insurance partners. Legal advice, agreements and divorce are just some of the services available to protect your business. Marketing Member Assistance Program Find help with promotional campaigns, website design, social media and much more from our partners. Support services to assist you and your family with resolving e