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ON Chiropractic Ms. Betty Molitor was the inaugural recipient of the OCA's Chiropractic Health Assistant (CHA) of the Year Award in 2013. Pictured left to right: Dr. Jim Fogarty, Dr. Stephen Schwab, Betty Molitor, Dr. John Schwab, OCA President Dr. Kristina Peterson and Dr. Al Scales. The OCA will also offer a series of CHA development webinars in the fall. and to support them as they work towards meeting those standards. Empower Your CHAs Recognize Your CHAs Relinquishing control to employees is a challenge for many employers. However, it can be essential to growth and worth the discomfort. In Dr. Fogarty’s practice, the CHA team operates largely autonomously. They even do their own scheduling. This is because the team of three includes highly experienced and effective CHAs who can be trusted with a high level of selfdirection. Dr. Fogarty is the first to admit that he was very fortunate to inherit two very strong CHAs when he purchased his practice. The third member of the team was added during Dr. Fogarty’s tenure and has gone on to attain a similarly high level of competency in her role. The secret is staff empowerment. Dr. Fogarty encourages his staff to learn from each other and to grow in their roles. It is his job to set expectations for his staff to meet Recognition is an important part of empowering your staff. In Dr. Fogarty’s clinic, birthdays and holidays are recognized as opportunities to thank staff for their contribution to the care patients receive. Dr. Fogarty also tries hard not to let a day go by that his staff is not thanked for their contributions. Along with reasonable wages, this approach has resulted in a stable and highly effective CHA team. Low turnover and high engagement are important ingredients in the success of that team and to the success of the practice. The lesson here is a simple one: CHA talent is not a place to economize. But you don’t need to break the bank either. Find good people and build a work environment that allows their passion for their work and their pride in the care your patients receive to be part of the benefit they get from working with you. Then combine a fair wage with ample recognition of the vital role that your CHAs play in the operation of your practice. Conclusion CHAs are an invaluable asset to a practice. Their value is only enhanced when their work is empowered, enhanced and recognized by chiropractors who are committed to helping their team members understand and attain their potential. These are the key ingredients to enjoying the benefits of the CHA Effect in your business. ON Nominate your outstanding clinic staff member for the CHA of the Year Award at www.chiropractic. on.ca/award ̸