ON Chiropractic Fall 2014 | Page 5

“ Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” This could sound like a cliché were it not for the fact that these words first passed the lips of a champion. What Michael Jordan understood is that individual excellence is temporary. Teams that work together in the pursuit of excellence endure. This belief is becoming a reality in health care. As the focus of the industry shifts more and more to patients and the teams of professionals who care for them, opportunities for team players will grow. This issue of ON Chiropractic is focused on identifying ways for you to champion patient care in your practice by enabling and empowering your team. In the second part of our series “CBT & Chiropractic”, we suggest a number of ways to add this exciting skill set to your practice. Options include referral, collaboration and enhancing your own training. We will also feature the contributions several chiropractors have made to the pan professional team working to better understand minor traumatic brain injuries and their treatment. Finally, we will share the story of two chiropractors who benefitted greatly from their participation in the OCA mentorship pilot program. ON Chiropractic’s standard departments offer guidance on how to cause the “CHA Effect” in your clinic, the Dos and Don’ts of Online Marketing, and the essential elements of PHIPA – the Patient Health Information Protection Act. We also share the stories of three Canadian chiropractors contributing their skills to multi-sport events around the world. We hope these stories help you build and enhance the team that cares for your patients. We’re here for you. ON Chiropractic is a member resource of the Ontario Chiropractic Association. The purpose of this publication is to serve and inform our members through the combination of future-focused articles with actionable advice on a wide range of topics relevant to your practice today. Contact the OCA at [email protected] if you have any feedback. AN OCA MEMBER RESOURCE Excellent Teams Exceptional Care ON Chiropractic In This Issue www.chiropractic.on.ca 5