ON Chiropractic Fall 2014 | Page 3

ON Chiropractic DEPARTMENTS In This Issue  page 5 Focus is shifting from where a patient receives care to the team of professionals who provide that care. Learn about some exciting ways to enhance the team around your patients in this issue of ON Chiropractic. Human Resources  page 6 PAGE 6 They go by many titles, but what does not change is the impact of great clinic staff. Discover how to cause the “CHA Effect” in your practice. Marketing  page 16 Like. Share. Rate. Tweet. Comment. Learn to decode the Dos and Don’ts of Online Marketing. Compliance  page 24 All Ontario chiropractors must comply with the requirements of the Patient Health Information Protection Act. Get a refresher on some of the key elements of PHIPA. Community  page 30 Countless chiropractors across Canada support organized sport at all levels. Learn about three colleagues who are contributing their skills as chiropractors to multisport events around the world. 24 Alain PAGE Janice 16 Glen PAGE www.chiropractic.on.ca 3