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Webinars On Demand ON Chiropractic managing or treating concussion injuries to develop a very strong understanding of the pathophysiological processes of concussion and post-concussion syndrome as well as the proper management and treatment process prior to doing so. “Concussions are a highly specialized field and I fear that chiropractors, or other healthcare providers for that matter, may be diagnosing and treating these injuries without a full working knowledge of concussions and their management,” he said. Many mTBI patients will return to a healthy state within one month, while a minority of mTBI sufferers will continue to experience symptoms for months to years after the injury. These patients are sometimes referred to as the “miserable minority”.s These symptoms are often viewed as severe and distressing by the patient and can effect multiple aspects of their lives. Shifting the research focus towards the cervical spine for unresolved damage and trauma may uncover preconditions for chronic concussive symptoms, a topic in which Dr. Marshall is extremely interested. He is currently completing a case-series of patients with chronic post-concussion syndrome having full resolution of their symptoms following a course of specific treatment and rehabilitation directed at the cervical spine. The OCA's curriculum of webinars focuses on business strategies to help you grow your practice. Webinars On Demand count as “unstructured CE” credits. Legal Complying with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Musculoskeletal Program of Care Technology Getting Started with PMP Conclusion These are just a few h