OMS Outreach Online September-December 2021 - Page 23

were hidden from sight ; now , the national church welcomes these families warmly and encourages them to worship together in church .
Three more ministries are also making a profound impact in the lives of Mozambicans . The Nkateko women ’ s ministry is a group of women whose husbands are leaders in the church . The women meet for a Bible study then spend time making colorful jewelry and crafts to sell to help supplement needed income for their families . During the pandemic , the Nkateko women made hundreds , if not thousands , of cloth masks to distribute to churches and disabled families in their community .
OMS missionary Jeff Acton oversees Xikanwe , a soccer club for boys under 15 in the community . He coaches the boys and leads them in a Bible study . The OMS team sees great spiritual changes in these boys . Finally , OMS missionaries Paulo and Fernanda Almeida mentor couples from local churches to strengthen their marriages , a ministry they have been involved with for several years .
My wife , Susan , and I served in Mozambique since 1996 until the pandemic happened , which barred us from returning to the field as planned in 2020 . We returned to Mozambique in May 2021 for a month to sort out our belongings and say goodbye to our team , CAM teachers , students , and other coworkers . Due to COVID-19 , the 25 th anniversary celebration was postponed , but we are encouraged to see God continuing to work and provide for our missionary team and ministries . God is not finished in Mozambique ! We trust the Lord to grow and mature the Mozambique field for another 25 years and beyond .
Bruce and Mabel Callender 25 th anniversary video :
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Claude and Marilynn Meyers 25 th anniversary video :
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25 th anniversary greetings by former OMS Mozambique missionaries :
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