OMS Outreach Online September-December 2021 - Page 11

Keeping the Books and Growing Leaders

in Asia

By P and M *, Asia / Pacific Regional Directors , OMS Global
People serving in missions have various skills and abilities ; they also serve for a variety of reasons . However , the love of spreadsheets and bookkeeping is not often at the top of their list of talents or motivations for going to the mission field .
Enter Sarah VandenBroek from Australia . Sarah has a heart for missions , plus a passion for accounting and bookkeeping . Uniquely gifted and experienced from years of running her own accounting practice , Sarah has helped multiple non-profit organizations optimize their systems . Her experience includes 18 months in Indonesia helping another mission organization .
God has now called Sarah to apply her unique skill set to assist One Mission Society ( OMS ) in the Asia / Pacific region as the associate finance coordinator . While also running her accounting practice in Australia , Sarah joins the regional team to come alongside various OMS teams on several fields to apply her knowledge as needed . She is currently assisting the OMS South Pacific field .
We thank God that he has called such a gifted person to serve him and the OMS Asia / Pacific fields with her expertise .
* Names withheld for security reasons .
Leadership and Team Development
Asia / Pacific leaders have experienced the benefits of leadership and team development . “ I wish I would have had this training long ago … it would have saved much pain for me and for others !” The pastor who wrote this had 40 years of ministry experience and was a gifted , mature leader . After attending a leadership development workshop run by the Asia / Pacific team , he left with practical leadership skills that enhanced his ministry .
A pastor with more than 20 years of intercultural ministry experience shared the difference this training had made for him , “ Now , I understand how people from different cultures behave differently , and I can interact with and serve them in a way that they will understand .”
In the Asia / Pacific region , OMS leadership development focuses on equip- ping national leaders with leadership principles that can be easily understood and applied in non-Western contexts , enabling leaders to lead effectively and excellently in cross-cultural settings . We are passionate about seeing leaders from every nation have the tools to lead well wherever God directs them .
The harvest is plentiful , but the workers are few . Leaders all around the Asia / Pacific region want to improve their leadership skills in practical ways . By God ’ s grace , we are here to serve them .
Leadership and Team Development
• Leader and team development specialist Assist field leadership to strengthen the field team and national leaders to reflect kingdom values and achieve their God-given vision .