OMS Outreach Online May-August 2022 | Page 13

But we will lean into the strong arms of God and thrive as a tree planted by streams of water .
We have tried to live open-handed before the Lord so that he can provide what he wants to give us and take what he wants us to give up . As he closes this chapter of our service in Colombia , we are somewhat broken and sad , and we feel the loss . But we know that he is placing something else into our open hands : new friends , opportunities , and experiences of his grace toward us . I continue hearing in my mind the phrase Isaiah said to God , “¡ Heme aqui ! ¡ Envíame a mí !” (“ Here I am , Lord ! Send me !”)
I am excited about where God is leading us and am praying for his blessing over
OMS . While God leads our family to serve in a different position and place , we are excited to see those he will call to step into the roles we will leave in Colombia and the Latin America region . Another will hear the Lord ’ s voice and respond , “ Here I am , Lord ! Send me !” The transitions that come from obedience to the Lord ’ s voice are the ones that excite me to the core of my being ! May we all be so led by him !
photo , page 12 : The Williams family , along with Juan , a close family friend photos , page 13 , top : Helping people in need , like this woman , comes naturally to Chris . middle : Beautiful Colombian children bottom : Heather , with a few friends in Colombia