OMS Outreach Online May-August 2022 | Page 11

I saw God work on Glyn ’ s heart . When we finally agreed that moving overseas and doing missions was our calling , it felt unbelievably rewarding .
Then , we had to think about our daughter Minna .
I gave birth to Minna in early 2017 while we were well on the path to domestic family life in New Zealand . She was 18 months old when we took our first short-term trip to Hungary to see if it was the right fit for us . By the time we moved to Hungary , she was 4 years old . Along with us , Minna had to say goodbye to best friends , special things , memorable places , and loving family members . The difference is that she did not choose any of this . Minna was born into it , while Glyn and I could wrestle with our callings and our desire to move overseas . We hold that tension every day . But God knew what he was doing when he gave us Minna . She is the most content , adaptable child I know , and she has a wildfire in her that sparkles out of her eyes . God knew our child needed to be just as called as we are , and she definitely is .
So , while each person in our family experienced the call to missions differently , God has been knitting us together through it all . Challenges that brought up chaos and strife have also cultivated unity and strength in our family .
Moving to the mission field is undoubtedly the hardest thing we ’ ve ever done , but I wouldn ’ t change it for the world .