OMS Outreach Online May-August 2022 - Page 10

A Family


By Naomi Johnston , OMS Hungary Missionary
I remember clearly the moment that I felt called into missions . For some people , the call becomes a gradual pull in that direction . For me , it felt immediate and powerful . I ’ m no stranger to impulsive decisions , but the external motivator that lit the fuse also made an impact .
Over the last decade , I have poured my life into media and becoming a better craftsman of good media . So , it was fitting that a movie sparked my conviction to serve in missions . I was watching a movie based on real-life events around human trafficking in Europe . It was particularly hard hitting , and by the end , I found myself questioning how God allowed these things to happen to people who had never heard about him . When I expressed this to my dad , he said , “ I ’ m not sure exactly how it all works out , but
I am sure that Jesus ???????????????? commissioned us to go and do something about it .” Well , that settled “ slowly ” into my spirit … for exactly two days . And I decided to go .
My husband Glyn ’ s call was more of a journey .
We have always moved at different paces with different agendas , and I ’ ve often said that our relationship has been like two parallel lines ; we ’ re never on the exact same track , but we ’ re usually headed in the same direction . For a few months , we felt the tension of one of us being called to missions before the other . It was an incredibly confusing time . I had to learn to be quiet and let God talk to Glyn . Those who know me well know that this is no mean feat , but as I became still ,