OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 7

Nearly 120 years ago, One Mission Society cofounder Charles Cowman developed a three-fold mission strat- egy of evangelism, church planting, and leadership training. Through the years, OMS has modified and adjusted this strategy to fit the changing environment of modern missions. Today, however, the emphasis of OMS is essen- tially the same as Cowman’s vision 12 decades ago: Multiplying disciple-makers begins with prayer and sharing one’s faith with others. A good example of making disciples is Nick’s story. Nick is from an island in the South Pacific where the people follow an animistic religion, the name of which means to worship the unseen, only, god. Nick came to faith in Jesus and wanted his people to believe in the true God as well. When his uncle died, he was buried in both the traditional and the Christian way. After examining pig and chicken hearts, the shaman declared there would be a death in the family within the next two to three months. But two years passed and no one died; no one even became sick! The people realized they had been deceived and decided to follow Jesus, read the Bible, and tell others about him. Nick’s desire to see his family come to Jesus was realized. Now, Nick visits the most remote villages to evangelize. He uses the story of his uncle to teach the people that Jesus is the only one, true God. Nick and his coworkers have seen more than 330 people come to the Lord. Multiplying churches of disciples means growing together, then starting new groups. An incredible example of multiplying communities comes from our partners in South Asia. In the past 30 years, these partners have planted more than 3,400 worshiping communities, including some that meet in church buildings, others in homes, and still more under trees! More than 147,000 people worship in these communities of faith. These partners also have reached out into other countries. Multiplying missionary movements begins with the traditional model of a missions organization sending missionaries to other countries. For more than a century, OMS has sent missionaries to other nations to evangelize and disciple, establish churches, and train those disciples to train others to continue the work of the king- dom through sending their members globally to share the Good News. Charles Cowman’s vision far surpassed that of most modern missionaries.Certainly, he would rejoice today to witness OMS-related national churches, like the Evangelical Church of India (ECI), begin their own missionary movements. To date, the Indian Missionary Movement of the ECI has sent out nearly 1,200 cross-cul- tural missionaries to 19 of the 29 different states within India, representing multiple languages and cultures, with very little Gospel witness. Churches and individuals within India support these missionaries. Multiplying leaders has taken on many different forms, including formal training in Bible colleges and seminaries, as well as more informal church multiplication training for lay leaders in churches, homes, or retreat centers worldwide. Training is happening openly in many places. In others, it must be conducted carefully in secret. In one creative-access country in Asia, the trainer and his team traveled from the north to the most southern tip, from the ocean to each border to train more than 1,000 people in 2018. These men of God trained believers of denominations, of independent churches, and in tribal groups. To date, thousands have been trained to share their faith and start more than 550 worshiping groups. This nation also saw more than 12,000 decisions for Christ and nearly 1,000 baptisms in 2018. God is on the move! In these days, multiplying disciple-makers, churches, missionary movements, and leaders is the focus of OMS. Through this emphasis, God’s kingdom is expanding globally. The legacy, which began with the Cowmans in Japan, continues to impact the world daily. 2001 One Mission Kids begins (formerly Children’s Ministry Resources) 2008 Dynamic Women in Missions begins 2010 OMS International becomes One Mission Society H ope 61 begins 2016 Billion.Global begins 2018 Theological Education Department renamed to TLEAD (Theological Education Leadership and Development) OMS restructures for globalization Four-Fold Focus 7