OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 4

Our Story It all began with one simple conversation … one couple engaging one man. On a Sunday morning at Grace Methodist Church in Chicago, just before the turn of the 20 th century, Charles and Lettie Cowman encountered a young Japanese pas- tor named Juji Nakada. He had traveled to America to learn how to preach more effectively. Charles and Lettie could have easily ignored the Japanese man who took his seat directly in front of them. Instead, they chose to engage him in conver- sation, which eventually led to their selling every- thing they owned and sailing to Japan. After landing in Japan, they went right to work, holding worship services every night for 10 years, with an average of 1,000 seekers a year. But Charles sought more souls, and God gave him a vision and a plan to reach every home in Japan with the Gospel. They called the audacious, systematic plan The Great Village Campaign. Together, missionaries and Japanese coworkers traveled thousands of miles on foot to accomplish this God-sized goal. They spent tireless nights train- ing the new Japanese believers to make and train more disciples. They faced much opposition, nearly running out of resources to carry out the mission, but God never failed them. By the end of 1917, The Great Village Campaign was complete! Every home in Japan had received a Bible or Scripture portion! This is the past, present, and future purpose of OMS, to reach every home, nation, and person for Christ, without reserve, retreat, or regret. Top, left to right: Charles Cowman sits at his desk; the Cowmans arrive in Japan; the Kilbournes; the Nakadas. Right: Charles Cowman distributes Gospel tracts. 1901 Cowmans arrive in Japan Because one simple conversation took place, many thousands across the globe have come to know and follow Christ. 1902 Kilbournes arrive in Japan 4 OMS Global Impact Report 1912 The Great Village Campaign begins (a plan to evangelize all of Japan) 1917 The Great Village Campaign successfully completed 1925 Streams in the Desert published (top-selling devotional by Lettie Cowman) 1943 The Oriental Missionary Society moves beyond Asia into South America