OMS Global Impact Report Global Impact Report 2018-19 - Page 3

One Mission Society Global Impact Report 2018-19 An African leader expressed, “Evangelicals talk much but act little.” I realized there was truth in his words. We have many meetings, conferences, and planning sessions with conversations about the mission of Christ. But what impact are we having in carrying out that mission? We are called to be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. He not only heard Jesus’ words but put them into practice, lead- ing to impact. Reflecting on this same idea, James wrote, “Do not merely listen to the word . . . do what it says” (James 1:22). In obedience, we are to move from hearing to doing, from understanding truth to action in living out that truth. This must lead to impact. At One Mission Society, we pray and work diligently to gain understanding of what God desires us to be and to do. Then, with his empowerment, we do it. While not perfect in this, it is the passionate desire of our hearts. In this 2018-19 Global Impact Report, we hope you enjoy reading stories about how God has used OMS recently. We have also included some numbers that show the impact and general OMS information to get to know us better. OMS cofounder Charles Cowman wrote this prayer in the flyleaf of his Bible on his first journey to Japan in February 1901. “The world is waiting yet to see what God can do through a consecrated soul. Not the world alone, but God himself is waiting for one who would be more devoted to him than any who have ever lived; who will be willing to be nothing that Christ may be all; who will grasp God’s own purposes; and taking his humility and his faith, his love and his power, will, without hindering, continue to let God do exploits. There is no limit to what God can do with a man providing he does not touch the glory.” Eternal impact was Cowman’s driving desire. May it be true for us today! Bob Fetherlin President, One Mission Society